View Full Version : HDD/SDD not detected on R75vx

02-11-2015, 12:32 AM
This is a R75VX running windows 8.1 64Bit

The problem lies with the disk detection.
Many time my disk suddenly not detected from Motherboard during booting or while windows already running.
I had to get get it from the tray and reconnect it , and after many tries it just works again, for an hours or 8 hours tehn fails again with windows crash with a blue death screen.
Same problem occurrs with the stock samsung SpinPoint 1 TB HDD or a new Samsung SSD 850 pro 128 Gb I got
Iíve tried multi setting for CSM En/Disabled but seems nto related to the problem.

Bios updated to latest version (26) months ago, but couldnít rollback to older version since the flush utility donít allow rollback.
Also canít relate the problem to occur right after upgrading to latest bios version, so i'm not sure it's even a BIOS software problem.