View Full Version : G750jw Memory Upgrade Recommendations?

02-13-2015, 11:27 AM
EDIT: Apologies for the heading should have said G750JW Memory Upgrade

Hi all,

I'm at work at the minute so have no access to my laptop. I'm thinking of upgrading from the current 8GB to 16GB, I know it might be overkill but I have some extra cash and it will always help for the future.

Can someone tell me what slots will have the memory at the moment, will it be the hidden slots? Allowing me to buy 8GB to upgrade to 16GB or is it the accessible slots meaning I'd need to buy 16GB (2x8GB)? I don't fancy opening the laptop to get to the hidden slots.

Any recommendations if its 8GB to allow for best performance with OE memory?

Hopefully this makes sense and someone can answer me soon to allow me to buy it hopefully for tomorrow delivery.


02-14-2015, 09:39 AM
To find out what ram you have and how many slots are taken for it simply unscrew 1 screw on a back of your laptop (it's located under rubber plug) also download cpu z to find out what ram you have and simply buy same model of ram. I had 1 8GB rams stick installed under keyboard (in hidden slot) so I ordered the same ram and installed it in to second hidden slot there was no problem for me to disassemble my laptop but you can simply put it in to users slots and it will work fine.