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02-14-2015, 08:37 PM
hey, I wrote to asus support quite some time ago and didn't get any reply, so I figured I might as well post it here.

I've been a fan of your ROG stuff for a while, so last year I decided to buy the Gladius mouse to try it out and see if it was good enough to replace my old mouse. Luckily for me, the design is incredible and the build quality is out of this world compared to what I've used up til now. However I noticed a small issue with the shell: There seems to be some small marks in the mold which I assume happened in your factory where they are made. The reason I think this is on your end is because of the following - I bought my first Gladius on Amazon.co.uk, returned it when I first found these small imperfections for a replacement. Sadly the replacement had the same problem but in different places on the mold. I ended up returning both Gladius I had bought and decided it was probably just a bad batch. I then bought another Gladius in january from a local store here in Stockholm, Sweden. To my surprise, it had the exact same problem! Well, I wasn't about to give up before I was absolutely sure I wasn't just having bad luck. So once again I went to the store and returned my new Gladius. I then went to the same store brand but located in a different place and bought the Gladius for the 4th time hoping it wouldn't have these small markings in the mold... but it did. So 2 Gladius from Amazon.co.uk, 2 from Webhallen, one in Stockholm and one a bit outside of it. All of them with the same problem.

The mouse isn't performing any worse because of it, but you can definitely feel these small marks on the shell and if you look closely you can also see them on there. Gladius Is pretty expensive for a mouse, so I figured you'd want to know about it.

Now I also have a few things to add as feedback after using the mouse for some time if you don't mind:

LEDs are always great and the ability to turn them on and off, pulse lighting or standard are really nice. However, there is no option to turn down the brightness. I personally only use LEDs on gaming peripherals when I can have the lights at roughly 30-50% instead of 100% as it becomes a bit distracting when it's on 100% all the time.

Click latency - I feel like the speed of which I can click with the Gladius is far slower than say my Logitech g302. I've tried tons of games and programs to measure it, but I don't really have any accurate method to prove what I'm saying is true, but in every program I use that involves testing your click speed, my Gladius gets destroyed by logitech g302, Ninox aurora and bunch of other mice. There is definitely some click latency/delay that my other mice don't have and I find it very noticable.

While adding the ability to change your mouse 1 and 2 switches without soldering is great and innovative, nobody wants to remove all mousefeet every time to try new switches. It's really impracticle for people like myself that enjoy switching back and forth. Plus even if you only package 1 additional switch-type, the mouse itself is compatible with a lot of omrom switches to my knowledge, so if I would ever want to buy those switches to try them out, I couldn't, because I wouldn't have any additional mouse feet to put back on. So I hope in the future the screws aren't under the mouse feet or whatever other solution there is which would allow us to open the shell without having to remove all the mousefeet. I do dig the fact you don't have to solder switches, but I feel like I'm trading one problem for another at the moment.

2 cables! I love that you sell the mouse with two cables. I never understood the point of braided cables personally. They cause friction on mousepads and eventually fray. They also feel less flexible. So of course I instantly changed to the rubber cable, but quickly noticed how short it was. I have my computer on the floor and there is no way I can pull the cable all the way down to the PC. Frankly even if my computer was on the desk I have doubts if I the cable could reach all the way. I can of course connect my cable to the monitor, but I hate input lag and any added latency, so this is a bit problematic. I hope if you ever sell another mouse with two cables that they're both the same length as the current braided variant you include.

That's about it for me when it comes to feedback. Thanks again for this great mouse and I can't wait for the ROG Sica you're going to release. It looks really great.

Kind Regards,

New issue found: http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?54301-ASUS-ROG-Gladius-Vertical-movement-malfunction

I have this exact same problem which I found in that thread. The mouse completely breaks when doing fast vertical movements. Mousepad I'm using is Puretrak Talent White (new version, no text in the middle of the pad).

serial number: E9MPCP000459

02-14-2015, 08:54 PM
Update: So I decided to unpack all my 20 or so mousepads to see if it was my Puretrak mousepad causing the vertical movement to reach its malfunction speed so quickly. Nope. After using every mousepad from razer to qpad to xtrfy to absolutely any brand you can think of, I can assure you this is not a mousepad issue. I tried with every single premade surface calibration in the software, with the custom calibration option and finally with no surface calibration. I got best results with no calibration, but no matter what this issue persisted. I'm using the latest firmware and drivers available through your site as well. My dpi is set to 300 and my hz is set to 2000.

02-14-2015, 09:00 PM
Update 2: The higher the polling rate the easier it is to make this problem appear. It's almost impossible for this to happen at 125hz and 250hz. 500hz is possible, but again very difficult to make it malfunction. 1000hz and above is the serious problem. Anything above 1k polling rate will make it behave like described really quickly. I can make it malfunction with absolutely no effort, so for now I'm forced to use 500hz despite 2000hz was a big selling point, so that sucks.

02-27-2015, 03:41 PM
top men must be working on fixing this with all the great response ive gotten

03-16-2015, 08:46 PM
I've never received a quality mouse with plastic defects out of the box. If the flaws disturb you then simply exchange the product or embrace the opportunity to do a cosmetic mod on your mouse.

You can't really fault Asus for the particular configuration options they provided with the product - it's all boldly advertised right on the packaging. You chose this product above other offerings more from blind faith in the brand and less from a critical comparison vs the features and specifications (and reviews) of competing products.

Technical issues with polling and dpi are significant, though. I'm not impressed with the specs for this mouse, it's just not rated to be a superior performer. A Logitech G502 costs less and has vastly superior specs, I love mine, although it doesn't conform to the ROG visual style.

lol, I'd personally prefer if Asus's top men were dedicated to fixing DDR4 compatibility issues on my mobo, not dedicated to building a better mouse.

Asus is unsurpassed as a maker of motherboards and graphic cards, when I want the best core tech then Asus is where I look first. Their recent entries into gaming peripheral markets have some interesting merits but are, as a group, generally underwhelming and unexceptional.

03-16-2015, 10:05 PM
I bought the Gladius and now wish that I tried the Corsair M65 - The Gladius is not bad - just no wow factor