View Full Version : G750JX-DB71 Bricked after system restore

02-15-2015, 05:18 AM

So here's my story. I received my awesome gaming laptop a little over a year ago with Windows 8 pre-installed. One important program I use everyday was not compatible (Pro Tools 10) So I bought a copy of Windows 7 64bit Ultimate and went through a driver installing marathon with help from a few forum posts here (thanks!). All was well for 1 year and one month until I started having various issues. I had made a system clone with AOEMI Backupper with factory settings,as well as with ASUS Backtracker when I first got it just in case. Yesterday I decided to reinstate the Asus Backup. It got part way through and then turned off. Now it will not boot at all. I get no disk activity LED and a black screen on all video out ports. Cannot even access BIOS.

I submitted an RMA after reading somewhere on this forum that this is a common bug with this series of notebooks. After submitting, I realised that I'm about 20 days out of warranty.

If my RMA comes back saying they will cover it, or with a reasonable price to restore my SSD to factory i will do that. But if it does not, is there any way that I can buy an SSD and reinstall ROG factory settings? Also, can I even get my Windows 8 key somehow?

I am mostly interested in ROG instant on, but I'm sure there are other performance based utilities I'd be missing if I just install 8.1 myself.

Hoping some of you knowledgeable people can help me out in this dark time. Thanks!

Update: Asus thinks the motherboard is dead, seems likely based on symptoms. Why would a system restore fry my mobo? Anyway, they said they will repair and replace for $200, which is reasonable to me. Although I did go out today and buy a 500 gig ssd, thinking I could just pop it in and be good to go. Expensive and annoying weekend.