View Full Version : VOIP doesn't work on G73JH?!?

11-12-2011, 09:33 PM
Hey everybody,

I'm new to these forums and I just got a G73JH-BST7. This is the one with the Mobility 5870 and Core i7 740QM (1.73GHz). Everything is fine except for one massive problem: VOIP DOES NOT WORK AT ALL.

I am using a gaming headset with a built-in microphone that plugs into the audio jacks at the side of the laptop. My Windows Control Panel picks up the voice from the mic just fine but when I launch any VOIP application, I can neither transmit nor receive voice. When I unplug the headset and use the built-in mic on the laptop, the same thing happens.

So far, I have not found a single VOIP application that works. This includes:
TeamSpeak 3
Steam Voice Chat
Battlefield 2 VOIP
VOIP in Source games (Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, TF2, etc.)

This is just so frustrating for me and it is compounded by the fact that I'm in a gaming clan where voice communication is a must.

My laptop has the Realtek HD integrated sound card and my driver for that is up-to-date (v2.66). All other drivers and Windows 7 are also up-to-date.

I've been looking around the Internet for solutions and it seems that my Realtek sound card is probably to blame for the Battlefield 2 incompatibility. I can live with that, but I can't live with everything else not working as well. I would really regret this purchase if I can't get VOIP to work. If anybody can help me out with this I'd greatly appreciate it.

11-13-2011, 01:11 AM
Are you using wifi or lan?

11-13-2011, 01:32 AM
First, go into your recording devices by right clicking the speaker in the bottom left corner of your desktop. Make sure that what you need is enabled (If you can hear it it's enabled) and ALSO set to the default device and the default communication device. If that does not work, you could try removing the driver and reinstalling it from scratch. That could very likely be the problem, especially if you are experiencing problems in Battlefield as well.

11-13-2011, 05:00 AM
Hey everybody, thanks for the suggestions. I'm overjoyed to report that my VOIP is functioning perfectly fine now. It seems that whenever I try to set up my mic inside the games, the games won't detect the microphone, but when I actually join the game, the headset transmit/receive works perfectly fine.

Problem solved. Mods you can lock this thread now.