View Full Version : Is it okay to combine 800MHZ stock RAM with 1600Mhz Corsair Vengeance 16GB kit?

02-16-2015, 06:32 AM
As per the title says:

Can i combine the stock 8 GB Samsung PC-3 12800 (800MHz) with i'm planning to buy the Corsair Vengeance 16GB Kit DDR3L PC-3
12800(16000Mhz)? does this has an effect to the system? or should i remove the stock RAM?

My system is a G751JT, it was supposed to be 16GB Ram, 2-8GB Samsung PC-3 DDR3 12800 (800Mhz), but one of the module is causing my windows 8.1 some blue screen. i tweaked and tweaked found out that one of the RAM is causing this.

Thanks. Your advise is purely appreciated.

02-16-2015, 10:39 AM
Uhm, the Samsung modules are also 1600Mhz -_-, and from what I've read here on the forums there is no problem if you use 2 different brands for a 3 RAM Stick configuration. Though, I think it would be smarter to keep just the 2x8GB from Corsair in order to have a working Dual-Channel. And I don't think that you would really need anything more than 16GB of RAM. So you could just sell the remaining 8GB from Samsung.

Or, I would advise you to go with the Samsung RAM Stick at warranty and tell them that it doesn't work. But it strongly depends on how much time you have to wait for the warranty services to solve this issue. My G751JY works fine with just 8GB DDR3L so maybe it would be worth waiting a while so you won't have to buy the Corsair Kit. You could spend that money more wisely :P

Just be careful to choose 1.35V RAM Modules. I see that you have written DDR3L for the Corsair Vengeance KIT and this usually means 1.35v but I just wanted to highlight this aspect so you be careful.