View Full Version : GJ50S Internet Speed Problem with Router Asus RT-N12

02-19-2015, 08:56 PM
Hello Everyone,

I just got my laptop and my router at the same time. RT-N12 it says 300mbits can handle, and my G750JS's adapter is 802.11ac Broadcom.

When I connect to router, the highest speed I get is 66mbps.. And sometimes it goes down to 30mbps.
And if i connect directly to ethernet, then it's naturally 300mbps speed. If I connect my ethernet to router then it's around 80-90mpbs.

I just got the laptop and didn't do any downloads even.

So what do I miss? Shouldn't I have a 300mbps now? What configure I do wrong? Firmwares are also up to date it says...

Thanks for the help in advance!