View Full Version : Gpu tweak monitor

02-20-2015, 12:25 AM
I have this problem with the GPU Tweak version When ever I start a game the monitor that tracks the GPU temp, Board temp etc... stops functioning in that it no longer is displaying the current temp on the card. The fan curve is still active and goes up or down depending on the temp, but I canno't see what my current temp is while playing. I didn't have this issue on a previous version of GPU Tweak. Also, when I start the computer, GPU Tweak will not start automatically either. I literally have to click the icon for it to start. It is set to start within the program, and it is also listed in the registry as starting.... but it doesn't. I have tried other versions as well as numerous uninstalls and re-installs. NO change. Any ideas?

8GB Ram
GTX 580 Matrix
Asus MB
Corsair H=100 cooler