View Full Version : G56JR - A Hinge Broken; Need Guidance

02-20-2015, 04:34 PM
Sad thing happened to my G56JR laptop, which is only 9 months old.

All three plastic screw holes (which held the hinge & back panel together) broke on the right hinge of my laptop, which will makes closing the lid impossible without pressing the bottom of the hinge together extremely carefully. And the back would always pop out on the lower right edge.

How it broke was very likely because the right hinge became stiff, so it put too much pressure on it when I closed the lid, resulting the screw holes to break. How the hinge became stiffer, I have no idea, I've seen countless of videos with hinges loose/stiff.

Is there really anything I can do? I know damage won't be covered by warranty (and no ADP available for me), but does ASUS have replacement parts for the back panel?