View Full Version : g750jm hdmi and hdmi audio problem - solved

02-21-2015, 03:31 PM
I am trying to diagnose why my g750jm will not output the audio through the hdmi or the thunderbolt port to my tv or desktop monitor, video is flawless but no sound, all drivers have been updated from asus site!
I also have an asus s550cm laptop and when I connect that laptop via hdmi the video and audio work flawlessly so I know the cables are good and the tv and monitor are compatible.
I have tried shutting down the laptop plugging the cables in and restating laptop- nothing!!
I cant find any hdmi devices in device manger under audio and video controllers, only realtek high definition audio
I only have the speaker and realtek digital when I right click the speaker icon in the task bar with disabled devices showing.
I don't see any hdmi device any were I search, but the Samsung tv does show up in the intel control panel when it is connected to the hdmi port.
Is there something special that Im missing this has been driving me crazy for many days now.
Windows 8.1
Any help would be greatly appreciated

02-23-2015, 03:12 PM
After countless hours trying to figure this problem out I was looking in the device manager on my G750JM and did not see the audio inputs and output tab (should be the first tab under computer name) like my asus s550cm has. I tried everything under the sun to rectify the G750JM but to no avail before I did a system refresh and low and be-hold after the refresh everything is now showing up and working the way it is supposed to be and I can plug my hdmi or thunderbolt cable in and watch movies and have audio, what a beautiful thing. Glad I had the second laptop to help diagnose.
No messing around with plugging cable into tv then computer and having to restart computer every time I want to watch an uhd movie or play a game, like a lot of people are having to do from what I researched.
I have to believe this problem was all do to windows updates causing conflicts but cannot prove this
I hope this helps people that are having the same issues as I noticed a lot of related problems out there.