View Full Version : DirectX 12 Preview - The future seems bright for our G751s

02-21-2015, 11:27 PM
As the title says I have new, hot and intriguing news about the DirectX 12. The guys from Anandtech have done a very interesting review of the D3D12 using the first app that actually is build for using DirectX12, Star Swarm benchmark.

What are the most important points of the test:

1) DirectX12 is supposed to remove the CPU bottleneck that we are experiencing today on most apps/games by using a better multi core scaling for the apps. This means that 2/4/6 core processors will have an increased performance due to further optimizations that will allow the tasks to be executed by all cores in an even way. The review/preview shows great performance gains even for the dual core CPUs with the most gains for the GTX980 with a 4 core CPU. If this test proves to be at least 50% true, then we will see great improvements for our G751JT/JY as our GPU's are quite bottlenecked by the CPU's right now.
Also, people hoping for a x35/x36 multiplier would eventually feel happy and relieved knowing that the performance of the CPU would increase dramatically from DirectX 12.

2) DirectX 12 seems to be most efficient for the newest GPU chips like the GM204 that we own on our G751JT/JY. You can see in the review/preview the examples from the GTX980. Although our mobile versions couldn't compare with the GTX980 we will see at least an 80% improvement compared to the GTX980 desktop.

3) Downpart from the review/preview is that the power consumption raises. Now, this is NOT a reason to panic because that happened in a benchmark test, without any V-SYnc or G-Sync. So the components have drawn more power because they actually worked harder. By removing the CPU bottleneck the GPU will work harder and thus it will provide more frames which in turn result in more heat, as many of you have already experienced while gaming without V-sync/G-Sync. But this could also mean that in order to get lower framerates, the system could use less power. (Example: Let's say that the system uses now 180W for 60FPS in Crysis 3 while using D3D11. Then, if D3D12 will improve the performance and optimization between CPU/GPU we could get the 60FPS with lower power consumption, like 150W for the same 60FPS performance in Crysis 3). Now, this example is purely a personal idea and it wasn't stated anywhere in the review/preview (but I do wish it will be true).

These being said, I will let you enjoy the whole review/preview over here: http://www.anandtech.com/show/8962/the-directx-12-performance-preview-amd-nvidia-star-swarm

I'm sorry if I made any mistakes while trying to explain the benefits of DirectX12. I'm very tired atm of writing and I could have understood something wrong.

I'm waiting for a nice talk about this subject in the morning :D ( morning for me).