View Full Version : G75vw Screen Turns Red

02-22-2015, 06:50 AM
i have a strange and rather unique problem, when ever I apply pressure to certain points on the keyboard or under the keyboard on the chassis, my screen will turn red, starting with just small "cracks" of red where it looks like a lighting pattern of red is across my screen, the more pressure (ie leaning on it while typing, or when I lift the machine up to move it) I apply to the keyboard or bottom causes the effect to intensify to the point where everything that should be black is red, and sometimes the screen will just be disabled, however the hdmi out is completely un effected by this.

applying pressure in certain points can "fix" it, or make it worse, its completely hit or miss

right now its actually doing rather well, and in order to get screen shots I had to use my phone, applying the pressure and snapping the photo was not working well for me, and because I didn't want to really worsen my situation, I settled for this blurry picture that I have to show, I will post a before and an after

46742 46743

any suggestions are welcome, and I will supply any info needed to help trouble shoot

02-23-2015, 12:07 AM
same here bro, hope someone will help us out here! :(