View Full Version : About installing an SSD drive...

02-22-2015, 02:02 PM
Here is my adventure thrill ride...

Now, some of you guru's and techie's may say, "What an idiot!"

But the purpose of this thread is not directed at you guys.
It is directed at those of us with crazy mad skill sets of a different kind.
Btw, I'm a MAC guy,, but the ASUS was less expensive that the latest offerings over there.

But anyway, I had a spare SSD from a different project and wanted to put it in my new G751JM.

I had to first figure how how to transfer the OS, after I had set it all up.
Then I had to figure out how to make the ssd the boot drive.
Then I had to retrieve a couple of those little ******* screws from inside the case without
major dis-assembly, and void the precious warranty.

Well, I did it and here's a short cut version of the steps I used... And let me tell you the start time is
wicked fast now... OMG!!!!

I tried many programs,, but one wouldn't do the partition redefine, another wouldn't work with GPT
(Whatever that is...?) and the one that did work was "EASEUS" It made a copy of the boot drive fairly quick.

Then I had to figure out how to make the new ssd the boot drive. Ended up just swapping the drives in the bays.
That actually worked, the old C drive became E and the SSD became C. Luv it!

Now about those screws... They are very tiny and one or two, (Well 3 out of eight, actually),
dropped in the little holes besides the place where they needed to go. I thought they dropped to the floor, but no.

So I grabbed a magnet from a flash mod kit and used that to wrangle them back to the hole, where I could grab them.
Of course, I was even more careful now with installing them.

Anyway, this thing is wicked fast on boot up now, and as soon my RAM upgrade kit comes in,
the mod department will be closed.

Thx for listening, and ENjoy!!!