View Full Version : G55 CD Drive spins for no reason

02-25-2015, 05:05 PM
Hey guys,

I'm facing a really annoying issue on my G55VW. I reinstalled windows 7 pro 64bit yesterday and installed all the drivers (where possible the latest ones). Then i noticed that every time I plug in a USB device (regardless if it was a mouse or flash drive) my cd-drive would spin up as if i just closed it. After that when i was installing some programs or device drivers (my mouse software) it spun up again. I restarted several times but no change. I checked Device Manager and there was 1 device not yet installed ( PCI application controller or something). I reinstalled all drivers but this time all of them were from the asus g55 support page ( because the previous time i took newer ones from Intel's website), and the Device manager listed all devices as correctly installed, but the CD was still spinning on USB plug. I tried to reflash the BIOS, but it doesn't allow me if the version is not newer than what i already have. So today I reinstalled windows again, installed all drivers from the Asus website but the issue still persists.

Few clarifications:
This has not happened before.
There is NO CD in the drive itself
Even if it is already an installed let's say flash drive, if i put it in the same port several times the CD Drive will spin every time.
I checked online, found several people with the same problem, but different brands(HP and Dell), their solutions to reinstall/update chipset drivers or update BIOS(since i was unable to) did not work for me.
I have reinstalled windows on my asus at least 5 times before - i'm still using the same USB installation file
I have the laptop for more than 2 years - so warranty is out
I don't have a reason to believe that this is malware as I reformatted my whole HDD before installation.

Currently i disabled the CD Drive from BIOS, so it's kinda ok, but i really want to solve this problem.
Oh and one more question - all drivers in the asus website are from like 2012, are there any newer?

Thanks guys :)