View Full Version : G53SX - No Boot, Power & Read light blinking slowly

02-28-2015, 01:49 PM
Hey Guys,

Recently had a SSD failure on my G53SX. Decided to upgrade ram, and put new thermal paste (MX4) while I was putting the new SSD in. Everything was working well had the computer on for over an hour installing windows updates and the battery was charging (at least thats what the desktop icon was indicating. I Left to grab a drink and came back to the laptop shut off. No lights. Pressed power button thinking it went to sleep. The power button and read light would flash for a split second. Nothing. Press and held power button. Nothing.

I tried removing the battery and power cord holding power button down for 45 sec then reinstalling battery and power cord. Nothing.
I tried using a magnet around the touch pad. Nothing.
I took it back apart to see if I could find a cable, or something not seated correctly or burnt board/connectors. Nothing.

When I plugged the power cord back in the power button and read light flash very slowly. Battery in or out. Makes no difference.


03-02-2015, 04:33 AM
It could be a dead battery, and a faulty power supply. You can test your power supply to make sure it's good, also make sure your battery is charged. You're going to have to start eliminating things to get down to the problem. I first thought it could be the MX-4 causing a short. Though after reading on their website it looks like it doesn't contain any metal so it's not conductive.

You could also try to inspect those ribbon cables. I recently bought 2 more rog laptops on ebay (g53jw and g46vw) and both had bad ribbon cables. The G46's cable was so bad it was missing 2 points so I had to replace it, the g53's was shorted so if you pushed the backlit key it would change the video preset. I ended up fixing it by removing a very small part of the cable at the end.

It might be best to take everything apart and do a simple test with just the motherboard assembly, usb keyboard and a vga monitor. That's where I would start if I were you. If you get it working again add another piece of hardware like the ssd and keep going until you find the culprit. Also remember that connections in a laptop are delicate and you should never use force. I'm not saying that you did, It's just a friendly reminder.

Good luck with everything, let us know what you find.