View Full Version : Missing Chassis Screw from under disk drive... Refurbished?

03-01-2015, 03:49 AM
Recently due to my problems with my DVD drive I decided to take the drive out of the computer and discovered that a B size chassis screw was missing from under the drive... there are 3 holes, and there are only two screws, the left-most screw was missing (see picture).
I didn't even know those screws existed, so it wasn't me that removed it. I bought the computer from a Tigerdirect.ca location as (what I thought was) new... is it possible they sold me a refurbished model? The guy handed me the box at the store...
Though, this might explain the circumstance where my computer randomly crashes: someone else bought it, discovered the problem, took it back, then they just sold me that one, perhaps without knowing the problem existed.

Am I being paranoid? Or is this a thing that happens?

TL;DR: Took out Disk Drive, found a screw was missing that I had never removed. Did they sell me a refurbished model without telling me?

03-23-2015, 01:22 AM
This may be late, and a lame answer at most, but i contacted ASUS support and sent them my serial number and they were able to ID that my laptop was a Refurb model. I dont have any issues as of yet. Knock on wood i dont. I plan on opening up my g75vw in the coming weeks to upgrade my wireless card to intel 7260. Idk if id see this spot since my drive is still in but i'll let you know what i see then.

Meanwhile best case is to message asus and theyll provide info on your computer, refurbished or not