View Full Version : Requesting help: G53SX Black screen on boot

03-02-2015, 09:06 AM

I just bought an used Asus G53SX laptop. When I got the laptop I tested that it did work all right. It did boot up and show Asus boot logo and such. I closed the laptop.

After several days I booted up the laptop, and the screen wont turn on. The laptop does start. HDD's start, fans's start and so on, but the screen stays black.

I have done the following:

- Take out battery and hold the power button = no effect
- Taken out the memory, dvd, hdd = no effect
- Removed CPU and GPU and repasted them = no effect
- Tried to connect into external display = no effect
- Tried the magnet trick = no effect
- Removed the battery from mainboard = no effect

I've read some topics in here and it seems like an malfunction of motherboard or video card. However, in attempt to buy spare part it would be really helpful to determine which one is broken, if it's broken.

I noticed that when I start the laptop, the keyboard does not do anything. Example ctrl+alt+delete does not boot the computer. Does this indicate of problem in the mainboard? However, the mainboard does give power to fans.