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03-07-2015, 06:28 AM
From what i noticed the hard way (yesterday i got a G751JY), even though this laptop is a beast.. there are some damn serious matters (both hardware & software wise).

Well sound is pretty terrible. *I am a technisian in a computer service department and comparing all laptops i have tested so far, i believe this laptop's sound system is way below average. Speakers are producing vibrations and i guess you have already noticed the FRUSTRATION!! (on 70% volume all i hear is brBrbRBBRBRbbrbrrbrBbrbrBRR..)
(by the way most vibrations are coming from the mouspad's buttons (and in my case mostly the left one because it is more loose...) Just give pressure on those and you will notice vibz will disappear. If you put a bit paper under gaps maybe you have a hillbilly fix)

headphones also sound is so freakin mat and you do not have to be an audiophile to notice that (you simply cannot listen with headphones, without the asus audio app first installed, which ofcourse is trying to apply a ton of freq handling and effects on the sound)
So the core problem here may not be the speaker itself, but bad quality of components installed in laptop (such as mousepad buttons and others).

I haven't seen such a buggy boot before.
Possible symptoms:
BOOT is hanged after power on. (It could have shown logo - it could have not.)
Double small split screen on boot after restart
Restart hangs (if you are unlucky and this is a windows update restart - you could say goodbye to windows if you dont have recover disks) - (possible fix is through bios to disable quick boot)
After restart screen cannot get many times powered on again. (and this is I'm afraid not the same problem as above) so here we might have 2 boot problems

My left shift button needs a hammer so that it gets activated.
This is a big disappointment for me because... most used laptops I have fixed at work (coming with a problem on keyboard or mouse) have the problem located on either left shift or space buttons. So this is not a good sign for my "brand new" laptop (just remember above I mentioned that I got a loose left mouse button so I hope I did not get a refurbished laptop)

other than that, laptop rocks (but I am still about to return it for a new one, which will 90% do the same exact things). BTW if i get again a not working laptop, I will demand a compensation. This is a buisness laptop ffs.

03-07-2015, 08:38 AM
my experience is the same. This is the worst ASUS gaming laptop in terms of sounds that I bought, sound is way too low for my liking especially when you compare it to the 4 year old G73SW that thing sounded like a beast

And with all the issues you mentiond, how can you see other than that it rocks? these problems are enough to destroy the image of this laptop

Try connecting an external USB HDD to your left port USB and notice how the laptop will freeze within a few minutes completely!

03-07-2015, 10:37 AM
Sorry to hear that, but not all of us have problems with ASUS. I can only say, that my G751JY purchased in Slovenia (EU) works like a charm. :) The best computer that I ever had and im very glad, that I didn't fall to this issues of some users (read beffore purchase), but go ahead and purchase it.
ASUS now provides warranty/policy, that in the year from purchase, they will not only repair hardware issues (if there is any), but also return you the money (purchased value). You get repaired computer and money back. :cool:

03-09-2015, 11:13 PM
Few hours ago I contacted ASUS (both international and local support) to let them know about laptop's problems.
They told me that laptop is under DOA so I will be given a brand new replacement and then if I had same problems again, we would discuss about further actions.

As I believe that warranty support is the most important variable when a malfunction occurs, I will let you know exactly what kind of service I had on this case, so that you know their policy (in case you are interested before buying).

So far..
- I contacted (E-mail) them and next working day I had a reply.
- I also spoke through telephone with Greek support and to be honest they showed complete understanding..
maybe, only problem here was that they told me that in case I had no backup of the recovery partition, I would not be elligable for replacement and instead only service on current laptop (Even though I do not completely understand this policy... I had made the backup as soon as I got the laptop. That's because I installed clean windows on a new SSD as I did not want to keep all ASUS apps).
- Greek support told me also to contact the shop I bought this laptop from, because that shop should do all further actions.
- I contacted the shop, told them what was going on and they asked me to Email them all info about this case (attach all previous contact Emails with ASUS) and also take some pictures of the laptop. So i just did.

03-10-2015, 01:47 AM
Only issue I've had is the audio one that's fixed with drivers on my JT, this thing works perfectly.

03-10-2015, 09:47 AM
I think people that think the audio works great with the latest driver 'fix' don't have a clue what adequate audio is.

My g751jt often boots into a black screen. Regularly enough that I have set the power button to restart computer to avoid hard reset.

No rattle with my mouse pad buttons or problems with the shift key pressure.

03-11-2015, 11:59 AM
For a laptop it's better than adequate compared to most.