View Full Version : Monitor not hitting fps cap

03-08-2015, 01:03 PM

I understand if my hz is at 120 then my FPS will get capped at 120/119, the same with any other hz. For eg) If I play CS GO at 144hz the FPS cap is 143/144 in game due to G Sync.

My issue is the fps cap is always 20 FPS lower than it should be, even on LOW resolutions, if I set in game hz to 144, my FPS gets capped at 120 and a touch lower, if I use 120hz, my FPS is capped at 100. I have a GTX 980, its a few days old and seems fine, again I get this with low resolutions not just 1440, 1280 1024 for eg)

Is there some settings I have missed? seems odd that the cap is 20 FPS, its as if the monitor thinks its hitting its mark, but it`s not.

03-10-2015, 09:53 PM
You can double check your screen's refresh rate in a given game by use of the monitor's buttons. Turbo button to cycle through; 60/120/144. Or the other side buttons/mini joystick to display the screen's info.

I have noticed that when I max out the FPS wiht my refresh rate that it will sometimes alternate by 1 frame. As in getting the 60/59, 120/199, or 144/143. But I have not experienced the straight & even -20 frame rate issue you are experiencing. Although I have plenty of games, who's higher level graphics settings will not reach the max refresh rate. FarCry 4, for example will average in the 30-70 FPS on the highest setting @ 2660x1440@144hz.