View Full Version : Horrific Asus Support

03-10-2015, 10:09 AM
I'm not sure where to start tbh but it's been a nightmare getting this as yet unresolved issue sorted.

Laptop screen had a fault as did the charger. Fine things happen.
Asus G750JW, 14 months old.

Laptop was received by letmerepair.co.uk (Scotland who do uk Asus repairs) on 30th Jan.
Rang after 2 weeks, awaiting parts.

Rang after 3 weeks, in final testing, should be 2-3 days.

Rang after 2-3 more days, failed final testing, awaiting more parts. Advised part will take 7 working days to arrive minimum.
Part that they're waiting on is plastic bezzle? (They snapped it replacing the screen). How this happens in final testing I've no idea.
This would put me into 5-6 weeks in all likelihood which I didn't like the idea of.
They told ME that if a repair goes over 31 days you can request a refund or replacement.
Great, I'll have a replacement. "Oh that will take longer than the repair"
Ok, I'll go for the refund (partial based on age). Yes sir I will escalate this to Asus 2nd line and they'll contact you.

2 days later I get a standard 'we aim for 10 days' email and we're sorry. I reply saying it's going way over a month etc etc.

3 days later I get an email back saying she's just been told it needs another part (which I said it needed a week earlier) and she'll escalate my request. This was 2nd March.

I send another email a few days later and on the 6th March I get told "we're the support team and cannot give you a figure, only the compensation team can do that! We haven't had a reply from them"

I've just sent another email today (10th March) having still heard nothing. Contacted letmerepair and they said the part is due this thurs so middle next week it 'might' be done.

So it got escalated by the repair people for refund on the 25th Feb and here we are 10th March and NOTHING!

I'm chuffing raging!!!