View Full Version : New purchase of G751JT and having some issues, return it?

03-11-2015, 03:29 PM
So I purchased a brand new G751JT from best-buy online and received it yesterday. Opening the box there was no damage and everything looks like it shipped just fine.

Pulling the laptop out I immediately hear a screw or something rolling around inside the case near the front bottom right. Searching the forums and I've found at least 2-3 other people who have had this EXACT same issue.

I tried opening just the user serviceable part of the case (ram/HD area) but the piece is closer towards the battery and I don't want to open it up and void warranty.

Contacting ASUS and they referred me to bestbuy geeksquad to open up my machine and see what it is. Now my issue is I spent $1700 on a "premium gaming machine" and day one I'm being told they need to open it up to see what broke off inside my laptop. This does not give me a very positive outlook from the get go.

Also when using the built in speakers there is a serious rattling from the left click on the touch pad (another defect?).

Aside from these 2 issues the laptop runs really nice, fast boot, and the screen looks perfect. So my question is what would you do? Return it for a brand new model? Take it in to geek squad and let some 18 year old kid open it up? Or get a different brand all together?

[EDIT] - So I went ahead and got ahold of bestbuy and have an appointment on Saturday to have their geeksquad take it apart and see what the issue is. If it's a simple loose screw I'll most likely just chalk it up to a manufacturer slip up. If there's more to it than I'll be returning it and getting the same model (happy with the specs and overall design so far). I'll be sure to update after they take a look at it.

03-14-2015, 05:37 PM
So I just returned from best buy and they told me the loose piece is in a section of the laptop that they would have to fully disassemble and could take a few days to get back to me. I decided on just returning it as I don't feel comfortable having a $2k laptop being disassembled within the first week of ownership. It will take a few days for the money to go back to my account so I'm now considering my options. Go with another G751JT with the 970m or go for a different brand with the 980 for a hundred or so extra.

03-15-2015, 05:11 AM
Do yourself a favor. Don't get the BestBuy model (assuming thats the model with the 860m, since that is the only one I ever saw there). The 970m is a lot more powerful than the 860m. I got myself the JT model from amazon for $1500, and next day shipping for $7! The 751 is a great laptop, and the cooling system is probably the best in the market.

03-15-2015, 02:40 PM
I bought the 970m model off their website. It's a wicked machine but I'm having second thoughts on repurchase and may hold out for a bit at this point to assess my options.

I like the 17 inch but it may be a bit large for me so now I'm looking at 15 inch models but heard the asus one is having some issues. ORIGIN PC has one that I'm pretty interested in too. No idea what to do.