View Full Version : g750jh won't wake up from hibernation (usb driver problem?) + keyboard volume control

03-12-2015, 11:29 AM
Hey everyone :)

I seem to have an odd problem with this laptop
it's windows 7 home premium(reinstalled to replace 8)
but for some reason it seems to have trouble waking up from hibernation
(it says resuming windows and then becomes stuck at a black screen with an underscore symbol on the top left corner)
it's only when I have a usb device like a wireless mouse or something
plugged in before I turn it back on does it wake up properly

but I realized that the usb driver is causing the problem
as I uninstalled it and the hibernation works properly

is there a way to configure the usb drivers so that it won't screw around with the hibernation?

also is there a way to edit the keyboard volume controls? it goes louder by 6, I want to tweak that so it's 2