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03-14-2015, 01:49 PM
Purchased a G750js less than a year ago. Every time windows would do an auto update something would no longer work on my computer. Once it was the web cam disappeared and a few other times I don't remember what it was. I called Asus and everytime they had me reset my computer to an earlier date. They then told me it was the windows auto update working against Asus Auto updater and had me shut off my auto windows update. They told me that the Asus live update would take care of everything.
My first queston, where to I look to make sure Asus is updating everything and
SECOND, is the asus live updater also updating all the critical window updates that I should have? Something doesn't feel right to me by shutting off my Auto windows update

Thank you for any info/suggestions you can lend

03-15-2015, 05:46 PM
The main feature of Asus Auto Update is to automatically update your notebook's various components. It is really completely separate from Windows update, which is necessary for updating and securing Windows (and Office etc.) software. So if you have Windows Update configured to download and install "recommended" updates (such as component updates for your notebook like the webcam) then a conflict will result.

If you want to keep using both (Windows update and Asus Live Update) then you need to configure Windows Update to only install critical updates. However that may also miss recommended updates that you want like Office or Security Essentials updates. Because of that, MOST people will recommend that you remove Asus Live update, once everything is working correctly. Then you can manually visit the Asus Driver/Software page for you model notebook, and check for updates yourself (if you think you need them.) Download them and install them.

That way you can keep Windows Update configured to allow recommended updates too. HOWEVER! I would personally NOT allow Windows to update my computer's hardware unless you know for a fact it is needed. I usually "hide" hardware updates, as the OEM drivers for most components are usually better, unless some sort of bug has been identified that Window's update may fix. But even then, it may be at a price. For example the software may have less features. Think of it this way; Would you let Windows update your graphics card? I know I would NEVER allow that! ;)

03-17-2015, 06:10 PM
you should never update your components from windows.