View Full Version : ASUS G551 Fan loudness

03-15-2015, 10:28 AM
Hi, I recently purchased this laptop and I enjoy it a lot, but I find it too loud at idle.
Temps are at 38C at idle a fan spins at 1800rpm (wont go lower) and its quite audible, I expected to it to be almost silent when idle.
So, can I lower the rpm of the fan, or this is how it is supposed to be?
And also i tried bunch of games, and in League of Legends my CPU temp is 78C and fan peaked at 3100rpm. Isnt it too much,
for such a game?

Thanks, Jozef.

03-16-2015, 03:23 PM
I can barely hear the fans when they spin at 2200-2300 so what you're hearing is probably not fans but maybe HDD spinning. There also may be the chance of something overheating or using your CPU ergo the usage and unnecessary fan spinning.

Regarding the temperatures they will vary from game to game of course. The fan speed will adjust itself so you have nothing to worry about. The only thing you can do is probably nothing but you may have the option of using both GPU and CPU fans at their full speed using Asus GPU Tweak 1.9.0 but this doesnt' work for everyone so I cannot guarantee its success.

If you feel that the device is overheating I advise you to download HwInfo or something similar and control the temperatures. If they reach high temperatures quite fast then there is definitely something going on. For that I would need more info as one game cannot give all the necessary information.