View Full Version : Forum Update: 16th March 2015

03-16-2015, 05:05 PM
ROG Notebook forums have had an update to accommodate new models and retire older ones.

As a brand new model/design and target market, G501 now has its own forum and will be accompanied by future 2015 models from all ranges as/when they are released.
New GL552 has been added to G751/G771/G551 forum.
G75/G55/G46 from 2012 has been combined into Older G series notebooks.
Sticky threads from all forums have been revised.


For those that haven't seen it and are wondering the G75/G55/G46 threads have been merged into the Older G series notebooks as Marshall mentioned above in the ROG site area.

It's probably better to click on the thread above and reply to the post above in the ROG site area if you want Marshall to see your comment, but feel free to discuss here too if you prefer. Thanks.