View Full Version : Recovery Compatibility between G750 models

03-17-2015, 08:07 AM
Hello everyone,
I apologize for creating yet another recovery thread, but i couldn't find the info anywhere or figure out how to word the search terms. So i'm in college and need my laptop for my MSFT apps class and online resources, i made the mistake of using a partition tool that only recognized C & D drives from the OEM 1tb drive. I didn't realize this until it was done and C drive became the only partition. I called ASUS to get an RMA process going but found a kind person online sharing their G750JX recovery data. I normally avoid any software that wasn't meant for the ACTUAL hardware (mine is the JS-nh71 as opposed to the JX-xxxx). However I realize these G750 models share so much in common and have heard people say to look for drivers in newer model sections. So will using G750JX recovery data be ok for my G750JS? This will save me time by negating the RMA process and allowing me to do this from home. All help is appreciated

(I want to add, my last laptop had a recovery cd and I was unaware of the changes to this area of software recovery. Thus I made no backup, under the impression that cd was somewhere in my packaging. VERY STUPID of me I know, lesson learned the hard way.)