View Full Version : G750JM for school?

03-17-2015, 11:56 PM
I plan on getting this laptop this weekend for university. As a student I still want to do my PC gaming but can't bring my gaming PC to my residence :/ Do you feel it can be used in university lectures or is the massive size and weight too much. If anyone has this laptop and can give me their opinions it would be greatly appreciated. :)

03-18-2015, 04:43 AM
The battery life on power4gear mode is great, I am getting about 5 hours of web browsing, etc. So you shouldn't need an adapter sticking out the side for one day's lecture use. The trackpad and keyboard are very usable for non-gaming purposes, which is more than I can say about my last model, an MSI.

The matte screen is a key feature to me. I can't stand glossy, and in a lecture hall you might be seeing other people's faces in your screen if you go with a Dell model.

So far, it has handled well any game I have thrown at it, including 60+ FPS ACC Rogue, Far Cry 4, on high settings. Sound is also a notch or two above the MSI, ditto overall build, screen tone, and last but not least, operating temp. It is just about cool to the touch right now.

I highly recommend. Mine doubles as a work/gaming computer, a kind of companion to the tower I built, which although more powerful, is way less useful in some of my work and leisure situations.

I started a thread on overclocking this model, it is somewhat a work in progress, fully working except for settings sticking on boot. I don't take any credit for the mod, but I am trying to make it simple for newcomers to try it. Performance gain is about 30% while still running cool. Check it out several threads down from this if you like.

Good luck, it is a great machine.