View Full Version : Removing ROG bootup splash screen

03-19-2015, 03:47 PM
Hi I've seen a couple of posts about removing this. I can't see anything in the BIOS > Boot options section than disables this

Any other ideas anyone?


03-19-2015, 06:16 PM
The ROG BIOS boot screen is in the BIOS, you can't change it without a modded BIOS... not worth it :)

But, you can improve start time buy doing a few things.

1) Turn off Fast Startup and Hibernation in Windows, and as long as you are at it, and have 8GB or more of memory, turn off pagefile too:


And, tune the Windows Startup and msconfig boot options:


If you have an SSD, do the SSD tuning, disable SuperFetch / Prefetch, also the disable paging/hibernation are recommended for SSD as well.

If you want to get real about the startup speed, optimize your SSD/HDD with PerfectDisk - start with SmartPlacement optimization and then switch to SSDOptimize if you have an SSD.

PerfectDisk Pro - 30 day trial

Leave PefectDisk Pro on with Stealth Optimization and OptiWrite pre-write fragmentation optimization (why doesn't the OS do this??)

You might try asking Asus nicely if the BIOS can be modified to allow user configured splash screens, they have in the past for desktop motherboards, but not for laptops...

https://vip.asus.com <== create login, register laptop, file Technical Inquiry.

Escalate to engineering if initially refused, start by escalating to supervisor, be nice. :)

Let us know how it works out :)