View Full Version : So it looks that G751JY and G751JT are no longer available at Poland (entirely)

03-19-2015, 09:32 PM
I finally decided to buy new G751JY since it looks that audio problems are solved now, BIOS is better, etc...

And to my surprise I simply can't do it at Poland any more.

There is no G751JY available at Media Markt, Saturn, Euro-Agd, x-kom.pl and other resellers... since they all are sold out approx. 1.5 month ago... and what is more surprising resellers simply can't order any new batches from Asus so resellers even removed G751 from all official pricing lists and no-one can order it any more (even with the status of unknown shipment day)!

And all of these after 3.5 months in the market! Holly cow!? :confused: What happened? Any serious and dangerous G751 design flaw?

I am now pretty sure and convinced (conspiracy theory :p) that G751 has been deliberately/silently withdrawn from Poland or maybe at other markets too.

What do you think?

03-20-2015, 10:39 AM
hmscott - if you just could read Polish language you would know, instead putting archived/old pages.

skapiec.pl - "Aktualnie brak ofert sprzedaży tego produktu." Put it in Google translator
archiwum.allegro.pl - that is the archived auction offer coming from x-kom.pl - no longer available:)
cenowarka.pl - "W tej chwili nie ma ofert dla tego artykułu (dla wybranych kryteriów wyszukiwania) w wybranym regionie.
Prosimy użyć przeglądu UE lub ewentualnie zmienić kryteria filtrowania." Put it in Google translator
komputronik.pl - that's just the old advertismet... and there is no any offer for g751 below it... there are other Asus G750 etc models instead.

However you actually did found the LAST PIECE here: elektornicznyswiat.pl or sferis.pl (the same reseller).
I have called them... this is really the last piece... and it is put out from the shop's shelve - so it is not originally boxed and it was presented to the customers... so its dirty and might have some scratches and traces of usage.

However thank you for your help :) Without it I would not think to Google G715JY at all :)

03-20-2015, 07:52 PM
Sanctrum, that's great news, I am glad you found one :)
I put them all through Google translate web page, and didn't post a few that said out of stock, all the ones I posted didn't say - at least I didn't see in the translation - out of stock. They said available, or at least didn't say out of stock at the time I looked.

SURE. You must be right :) Probably I must go to the optician as apparently I have some “mirage” for approximately half a mouth… And you know… I’m still having them, but you must be right, still.

Without going through all of them again myself, I checked the last one again:
...you said it was an advertisement, with older ROG laptops at the bottom, but you didn't click through to the next page of the list, where the G751's are found :)
Following that link you get here, where there are lots of JT's listed, but no JY's, you could follow those links and see if there are any JY's on those sites:
https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.komputronik.pl%2FproductVariant Group%2F2184%2FElektronika%2FStrefa_Gier%2FAsus_G7 51.html&edit-text=&act=url
You have to search and dig more. If I found those in 5 minutes as a non-Polish speaker, with only "garble translate" to assist me, you should be able to find a bunch more :)

You are my hero now :). However as you have noticed I am looking for G751JY only… and there is not any available… only JT and JM.
And the only one offer at komputronik.pl for G751JY that is still online is: http://www.komputronik.pl/product/251522/Elektronika/Strefa_Gier/ASUS_G751JY_T7012D.html – but with the status “Towar trwale niedostępny, wyczerpane zapasy magazynowe”, so I will help you understanding: “The article is permanently unavailable due to depleted stocks.” Sorry.

Don't let the failures stop the successes, keep looking! :)
You could ask Asus support to help you find one too, that has happened in the past. They know what is up with regions, or can find out.
PM cl-albert and ask before committing to the used/dirty one... there may be new ones available somewhere else :)
Very funny. It’s always encouraging to hear this kind of advises… Of course you didn’t realize that I have already spoken with several resellers before I have written the OP… And they all do not know what happened and also suggested that this kind of info I will never get from Asus. So they even deleted G751JY offers... and only few remains... like the one above or for the used one.

However you are willing to argue the facts… instead of answering the questions from OP…

So if you are really willing to help then please find for me at Poland G751JY with more then 8GB RAM and two discs: SSD 256GB M.2 and HDD 1TB (with or without Win8.1) that is still available and not out of stock. Good luck. I am counting on you. Or please stop this funny conversation :) :) as I am now ROFL... :)

03-20-2015, 09:43 PM
Fml... I've been waiting JY model for 3 months in Lithuania. Since we get ROG laptops from Poland thet means no Asus for me... I've noticed that resellers even deleted offers of JY only Jt left. I wonder how long they'll be gone otherwise I'll have to go with Msi.

03-21-2015, 11:19 AM
Ok. I have dug a little bit deeper , talked with some people and found 3 more G751JY at sferis... but all of them are in fact returned by customers but marked "Is taken from the shelf" (you can't search them at site - you must browse it)... and put for reselling. :(
What a nice practice... The offering of potential defecting products with 99.9% of its original price but also with the warring "you have taken what you have seen - your risk".
Maybe it’s my another conspiracy theory... but now I think I understand why there are no new G751JY available to order. They (all of the resellers) are simply waiting till most of those "refurbished" products just sell out again. After that period... and only then… they will order a new batch - not sooner.
Cheap dodgers… That's how the market works.