View Full Version : Need Help, my g74 wont even turn on

03-22-2015, 04:07 AM
Heya folks this gonna be kind of a long post but I need help.

My power adapter shorted out and blew the original mobo...ordered a refurb from China ( highly rated and recommended). Had mobo installed by professional pc repair shop that Ive used before. Got it home and updated my Nvidia vid drivers started to get the Nvidia Windows Kernal mode error about every 45 ins or so. Research tried all kinds of stuff nothing worked....Was told to upgrade from Win 7 to Win 8.1 spent more money did a over write still had same problem. I figured I would fdisk and install fresh .... Now Im getting the error constantly until it finally freaks out and BSOD on me. It would play video games ok but not video or webpages. I spoke with a windows tech online and he said it was most likely a Bios problem...I use the Bios tool on the G74 think its easyBios....Had a warning thingy come up saying that it was unrecognized something and did I want to continue I said Yes thinking it was just the Bios program not recognizing Win 8 as a platform. Now my g74 wont even turn on. Did I just kill my laptop and if not how do I get the thing to even turn back on? Ive unplugged dropped the battery help the power switch down to clear any charge...Help Im at my wits end with this laptop

Yes I know that's a lot of run on sentences :)

03-22-2015, 06:46 AM
It can be fixed, it's not fun but it can be done.


Though since you had such a hard time with this board, you should look into contacting the seller of the refurbished motherboard so you can exchange it.