View Full Version : G750JX - I think my GPU fan just ____ itself

03-25-2015, 11:48 AM
I've had my G750JX for about a year, no problems.
It gets a little hot on my lap, but not problematic.
Just playing a game (HOI3) nothing too intense and both fans were running, not sure at what speed but definitely pushing hot air out both vents.
I tilted my laptop, and there was a loud thunk. Like nothing I have ever heard from a laptop, as though something had fallen internally.
Now the right side fan is dead.
Left side is still pushing hot air, bit right side vent has no air flow and is cool to the touch.

I tried running NBFC but it just says both fans are running at 14%.

I checked the temp with GPU-Z, and it was stable at 53deg. So I stressed it by ramping up the GPU clock and it hit 93deg before throttling kicked in.

Pulled my computer apart.

It turns out that at some point, when removing and replacing RAM, one of the tabs from the HDD cover has broken off. Little PITA then became lodged in the fan.

Fingers crossed fan will start working now...