View Full Version : Need some help please or advice about keeping the G750JW laptop, selling the desktop

03-26-2015, 10:49 AM
I have two rigs, one is a fairly powerful desktop (AMD 8350, Nvidia GTX 770 8gb Ram and SSD) and a decent laptop too (G750JW upgraded to 14gb Ram). I have been debating selling my desktop and going laptop only. I do game and play alot of the following:

Football Manager
Counter-Strike GO
Dying Light
Payday 2
Team Fortress 2
Starcraft 2
Battlefield 4

Now I know my laptop does play all these on decent settings at 1080p, and the reason I'm selling is because firstly do I really need both well no, secondly I do enjoy my laptop more for the reason of looks, comfort and where I can play and game. I also watch alot of movies, listen to music and surf the net. The conclusion I came to was keep the laptop and sell the desktop, yes I know the desktop is more powerful but a few days a week (2) I'm out and about so use it.

1. Do you think I'm doing the right thing, i think its a waste of money having two, the laptop will still do all that I need?

2. What upgrades would you recommend I should do on my laptop to speed it up, maybe an SSD? Also I have a thunderbolt port can that be used for an external GPU? And finally I have an external monitor can I use both screens so one playing music and the other gaming for example?

I know this is a strange post, I guess I'm looking for reassurance I'm not making a bad decision, and those are going are you mad why would you prefer a laptop over a desktop for gaming?

03-27-2015, 04:43 PM
Hmm..I'm guessing you have your own reasons for getting rid of the desktop, but if you don't need the portability or mobility, I believe desktops would be the better value since you get more performance for the price plus they are much more upgradable than notebooks if you find you need more performance in a couple years.

(There are actually some smaller more portable desktops that ASUS sells now too if this helps at all).

Anyway, if you are happy with your notebook performance right now, you probably don't need the desktop, but consider how long you will be able to use the notebook which will very likely be using the same cpu and gpu throughout its useful life.

You've probably considered keeping both the notebook and desktop which you may want to reconsider again?
If you don't keep the desktop though, you could always get another later if needed?
If you haven't stopped using the desktop completely, maybe you want to try this for a week or two as well to make sure you will not miss it.

Also, I may be worrying too much, but computers can break down, so it's always nice to have some options if this should happen.

Sorry, I may be giving you more questions than answers, but just wanted to give you more things to consider too.

Hopefully we can get some better answers from others.