View Full Version : Loose bezel/panel

03-26-2015, 05:12 PM

I've had a ROG swift now for about 2 weeks, all is good (no dead pixels, great for gaming etc) but I have just noticed that the bezel is loose at the top right and top left of the screen where it is raised about 2mm from where it should be (its the same bottom left and bottom right but not so pronounced) I can press it back into place with a finger but it then moves right back to were it was when released. I saw a few snippets on google about this but haven't been able to find any specifics, it is obviously not ideal and I am wondering if it was like this from day one or if it is getting worse.

Actually on a second inspection it is not just the screen bezel but both the bezel and panel not sitting flush with the housing! So is the housing warped? the panel not securely attached? i cannot tell without opening the thing which i obviously wont do since i would like to keep my warranty!

Is anybody else here suffering from this same issue, if so what can be done about it? I'm thinking that considering the price of the monitor i should send it back for a replacement but am slightly worried if so i will receive a screen that has one of the many listed 'other' problems.

All the best, hoping to hear from someone soon in relation to this.