View Full Version : G751JY little help with software after formatting with Windows 8.1 Pro

03-27-2015, 01:23 AM
So. I format my new G751JY with Windows 8.1 Pro. The same but without all the bloatware. I downloaded all the drivers and install every driver in order as a thread previously stated here.

But I need help...

Intel Rapid Storage Technology - installs, reboot, apply patch and nothing...it doesn't appear at control panel also...what's the problema? someone can give me na older install to test other version of the driver? CAn everybody report if they have the application running correctly?

Wireless Radio control Asus - the same...install,reboot and it doesn't appear...it's normal? again any link to a older version it's appreciated.

INtel inf driver - installed successfully the driver but i'm thinking if there is a new version...?!?

How can I check if Keyboard Device Filter utility is running or correctly installed?

There is not a POWER 4GEAR in this model? I don't have te driver. CAn everybody check that please?

All the keys perform correctly thankfully.Thanks for your help.