View Full Version : G750JM Graphics issue after upgrading to SSD, clean install, please help! [solved]

03-31-2015, 06:30 PM
Hello everyone. I have a bit of a dilemma. I purchased my ROG G750JM a few months ago. I wanted to add a SSD so I ordered a
Samsung EVO 250gb SSD. I tried to use the included "Cloning software" which appeared to work fine. The laptop booted up fine fromthe SSD with the hard drive installed (If I was supposed to remove the original for this test I didn't know). Since I thought it worked I reformatted the original drive to use for data storage. After this the computer wouldn't start up again. Due to losing the recovery partition, the windows key was gone and neither Asus nor Microsoft could help me so I ended up purchasing a new copy of windows 8.1 pro and did a fresh install. Since I did this my computer will start up and run fine from the SSD using only the Intel integrated graphics. The Geforce GTX860m appears to be installed and all but my laptop will no longer run any of my games, most of which it used to run on high settings. I spoke to ASUS a while back and they said I could sent it into them and they would get it back working right but due to needing it for work and school as well I have neglected to send it to them. It has been a while so I'm sure If I did try to send it in I would have to call in and explain this to several people again too. I am hoping that someone in this community can help me.

I am ok with doing a complete re-installation of everything if that's what it takes, I just want my baby back up and running lol.

Any help will be very very much appreciated.

Oh and to the Admins if I posted this in the wrong place I apologize and you are welcome to relocate it to the proper area.

Prostar Computer
03-31-2015, 08:56 PM
When you install the drivers from a fresh install, you need to install the chipset driver first, followed by the Intel graphics, and then the NVidia graphics. As long as you did that correctly, the hang up may be with the NVidia 3D settings. Be sure to set the the global settings for "Performance."

03-31-2015, 09:39 PM
Thanks man you just saved me from sending it into asus. Back to gaming now lol ;)