View Full Version : G53SX-A1 Questions

11-18-2011, 12:15 AM
:mad:Ok, ive sold ASUS laptop for years.. im retired from that purchasing sales position at that company - so ive been exploring other brands because I cant get cost any more on ASUS:(...

I need to replace my entire desktop gaming system for $1200 ish...

So naturally in typical ASUS fashion after weeks of looking i ended up with this model for absolute best bang for the buck laptop on the planet earth.

Questions I need answered before I purchase it!a!!

1. Is sandybridge dual channel, or tri channel? Single channel? Does this matter anymore?

Assuming its not tri channel like the older i7' 1366 processors, why does it ship with 3 sticks of ram? I don't need 12gbs, especially if its going to kick it from dual channel.


2. I have owned at least 6 asus laptops in my life, a few of them (looking at you g73) relatively bad quality screens, at least IMO.

What is the screen like on the G53?


3. Im ordering mine without the two (or 1?? doesn't matter) harddrives, I want to put TWO patriot inferno 60gb SSD's left over from my gaming tower in it, and run raid 0.

Does this laptop support raid 0 with two HDs?


4. And lastly.....

My current tower (q9450, 5850) score 3,600ish STOCK and 4,900 over clocked in 3Dmark2011.

What does the G53 hit stock? And with a VERY conservative OC in 3dmark 2011 for my own reference....

THANKS for anyone with enough time to respond. Its much appreciated.:cool: