View Full Version : Possible Conflict with G-Sync - PCI-E 3.0 - SLI

04-02-2015, 04:08 PM
Hi Guys was needing some advice with a problem I've come across, the problem being a Black "blinking" effect when I run a game that hits the max 143.5Hz limit with G-Sync active on my Swift. The Blink is like a black frame that gets thrown up every few seconds and seems totally random. The blinking started appearing with every driver after 344.80 (start of the r346 Branch) and is only while I have Tri SLI running, single GPU does not show this problem in any driver, I have also rolled back to 344.80 and double checked this.
I have recently found that if I go into my Motherboard BIOS and change the PCI-E lanes from Gen 3 to Gen 2 the blinking, so far anyway has gone.
I have tried different Displayport cables and have filled in a bug form to Nvidia but just wondered if anyone had any ideas on it, or is this just a conflict with Multi SLI and G-Sync via the driver.

Thanks for any tips on this.