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04-07-2015, 01:15 AM
Hi everyone,
Today I tried to use my CD drive for the first time in a few months. I initially tried to import some CDs into iTunes, which recognized the CDs and imported their track lists and information as per usual. It also too a pretty normal amount of time to import the tracks.
When I tried to play the songs, nothing happened.
I then tried to play them directly from the CD, using iTunes and any other program I could think of. They all load up the tracks but can't play them, the CD drive just keeps starting up then stopping over and over.
It also can't seem to read CDs with any sort of file on them, or PC games that worked 3-4 months ago the last time I tried to use them. The computer recognizes the games and their icons pop up, but it will not open them.

After looking online, I deleted and reinstalled the driver for the drive, tried several different types of disk, and cleaned out and dusted the physical drive. Nothing worked.

Anyone got any advice?

04-07-2015, 05:57 AM
Get a paperclip, qtip and concentrated isopropyl.

Take out your battery, remove the bottom cover.

Then remove this screw


Slide the drive out of the laptop.

Take the paperclip and insert it into the small hole on the drive to open the drive.

Get the qtip, and use the isopropyl to clean the laser eye.

This video shows good detail on what to do, just wish he used common sense and turned off the laptop.


Once it's clean and dry you can reinstall the optical drive, reinstall the screw and test.

Let me know if this solves your issue.

04-07-2015, 03:57 PM
I had the same issue on my G55VW a few times now. I usually use a very soft painting brush to clean the laser eye, you do need to be very careful not to damage the laser eye though.

04-08-2015, 12:36 AM
Followed C4rn1's instructions, fixed it right away. Thank you very much for the help!