View Full Version : g751jy-DH71/DH73-CA model differences?

04-08-2015, 04:55 PM
I just received my g751jy from an online retailer, and noticed the model number I recieved is the DH73-CA version, not the DH71 that was listed in my order. Can anyone verify what the differences are between the models? All I've been able to find is that the drive is not a BD burner, but just a reader. Additionally, I know other laptop models I've looked at in the past will have different screen tech between different countries. All the g751's have the same IPS display, correct?

04-08-2015, 07:22 PM
The only differences between all G751JY models are on the storage part: HDD only, HDD+SSD Sata III, HDD + SSD PCi-e, on the DDR III memory: 8Gb, 24Gb, 32Gb, and on the optical drive: DVD or BD. There are no other differences between the G751JY models. All other components: CPU, GPU, Display, Case, etc. are all the same (same brand, same type).

PS: I have just seen a G751JY with an i7-4860HQ. So it seems that there is one version with a different CPU either. It's funny, because I knew that only the G750JY had the i7-4860hq until now.

04-08-2015, 11:29 PM
DH73 is the Canadian version of DH71. And you're right, it does have a BD reader and not writer. You can see in the link here (http://store.asus.com/us/item/201412AM150000609/A18486) that it says BD enabled.

On the other hand, if your concern is the BD capabilities, the G751JY that has the BD writer for sure is the DH72X. See here (http://store.asus.com/us/item/201412AM150000668/A18486) for specs.

Looking at the G751's, they have the same IPS display so you should be good there.