View Full Version : G750JZ GPU Upgradable?

04-09-2015, 02:41 AM
Hello everyone,

I am thinking about upgrading my G75JZ with GTX880m. Does the model comes with an MXM interface so that 980m upgrade is possible?

04-09-2015, 04:43 AM
As far as i know you can't, the mxm module is supposed to be a custom pcb soldered to the main board. Probably true if you consider these two pictures. LEFT is Msi GTX880m mxm (upgradeable). RIGHT is the gtx880m found in the g750jz. (if i'm wrong please someone confirm, would love to be able to upgrade to 980m in the future even it it was from an asus custom pcb).


04-09-2015, 06:13 AM
The 980M PCB on the G750JY must be the same as yours ( Im telling these because use the same chasis), even the same heatsink i suppose , all the G750 cards have the same custom PCB form (At least I check the 765M, 770M, 780M,870M and the 880M), I think the real deal will be the software, since the G750JZ and the G750Jy have optimus and i think the vbios is in the main BIOS.

Im also considering upgrade my G750JX GTX770M to GTX780M, I know Ill need to change the bottom case (in order to have the fat vent) and upgrade my AC brick adapter to one with 230W. But I think this will work, the G750JX and the G750JH doest use optimus and the vbios is in the card itself.

All question about G750 GPU upgrade just says: No, you can't!! but no one seems to tried before so no last word been said.

Good luck and please answer with a little more than just the old : No you cant.