View Full Version : Problems with G551 sound system after unplugging earbuds

04-09-2015, 02:45 PM
I can't figure out the sound system on my four-day-old G551. If I use earbuds while I play a game, I can get it set up fine (but then I always have to tinker with it each time I go back to the game), but then when I disconnect the earbuds, there's no sound coming out of the ASUS speakers. I'm getting frustrated with this because I keep having to dick around with the bits of the sound system. Can you help me get it right? What settings the Realtek audio manager and the 551's own sound system should be?

I should say that every time I plug the earbuds in, two screens pop up. One says "The current connected device is" and I have to choose between headphone, speaker out, and headset. Why should I have to choose that? Shouldn't the computer know what's going on? And then it gives me the Realtek Audio Manager, and again, am I supposed to fiddle with that every time?

Often when I get sound to come out of the ASUS speakers, it's very faint and tinny, as if it were coming only from the ASUS speakers, without any help from the Realtek.

Gaakh. I'm frustrated. Thanks.