View Full Version : G751JT image retention/ghosting -- any solutions?

04-09-2015, 05:40 PM
Hi all,

I just got my third G751 from Newegg after exchanging the last two due to nasty screen bleeding. When I fired up the latest one, I was thrilled to see a crisp, black screen all the way around. However, I noticed things were a little off once I got to windows. Some of the app icons have texture and blurring where there should be solid color. The taskbar also has a strange vertical stripe texture. The worst thing, though, is the image retention or ghosting. I only need to stay on one screen for 15-20 seconds before that image burns in and displays on whatever I open next. Is there any known at-home fix for this? If my only option is to send it back, then I'll just be getting a refund. Three defective displays in a row is too much for me to tolerate.

Thanks for any advice you can offer, and please let me know if anybody needs more information.

Evil Hotdog
04-09-2015, 10:38 PM
I also image had image retention on my third laptop, as far as i know there is no fix for this and the screen needs to be replaced.
I sent mine to asus for RMA, they replaced the screen and got rid of the image retention, however there still was light bleeding.
I guess all screens from this line have bleeding, I replaced 3 times and always had bleeding somwhere on the screen,
I talked to some guy from asus support about it and he simply replied it lies within their specifications, whatever that is.
I gave up replacing the screen and live with it because I have seen images from other gamelaptops like alienware with the same bleeding and worse.
Seems like this may be a common issue with the newer IPS cheap panels (only 60$ for the one in the g751j series).
Besides that i really like the laptop, good ventilation and performance.

04-09-2015, 11:03 PM
Yeah, disappointingly, I have accepted that I'm not going to find one of these with a proper screen. I returned it and will look for something else. It's too bad -- the computer feels very nice, especially the keyboard, and the specs are impressive, but the screen is a dealbreaker for me.