View Full Version : Kudos to Asus for Suite III OCing function

04-10-2015, 10:44 AM
I come from the old manual OCing is the best mentality. Your newest SuiteIII software has changed my "mentality".

I just bought a 5960x/Asus Rampage Extreme V mb combo along with 16 g(4x4) of Corsair Vengence DDR4-2800 ram from Newegg via a combo package. I had been running a 3930k OC'd in an Asus X79 Sabertooth mb (excellent mb) but got the proverbial "upgrade itch" and despite my attempt to resist, the upgrade power overcame me. I had it manually OCed to 4.6 Ghz using JJ's OCing video as a guide.

The Extreme V mb is stellar and has so many tweek options, I'm not sure anyone knows how many. I thought manual OCing settings was the only way to go.

I read the overclock guides on manual OCing before even attempting the Suite III software. Here's what I found. Asus Suite III option for 4.4Ghz set all the parameters, allowed me to run stable (ie ROG RealBench) and pass with vcore never exceeding 1.328.

I have been playing for weeks manually but a few simple selections through the software set everything up so much easier and it passed stability of the ROG RealBench stress test. In particular, the ram settings via the software worked much better than my trying to "tweek" them manually.

My hats off to you Asus. Whoever designed this last Suite really worked on tuning.

BTW, the Suite III software is much better at setting the 4.4Ghz than the preset in the BIOS for a OC gamer. The preset uses a mual vcore of 1.35 and sets the ram to default of 2133. The software optimizes both the vcore AND the ram settings.