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04-12-2015, 12:06 AM
Im trying to reinstall windows on my RoG G750 system, I know the cd key is embedded in a chip so I dont have to worry about that, I found an old win 8 install dvd I had, tried that but it is asking for the product key and I cant skip it.... I have already formatted my system so I cant use the windows create media tool.. only pc i have access too is a linux box and a macbook...

Without Pirating some pos hacked / cracked / activated / ****ty version of windows from a torrent site, is there any way I can get some untainted Windows 8 iso that will work on my laptop ???

04-12-2015, 02:08 AM
Any platform with internet and USB support - even Mac or linux - can be used to download a Windows OS image (from Microsoft's site) onto a flash drive. You may be able to use it for some period (maybe 30 days, 90 days, or whatever) but at some point a product key will be required to continue use.

You cannot skip the Microsoft product key component during a Windows install. Aside from resorting to piracy/hack methods which are, of course, illegal and may not work for long (if at all) anyhow. Legal and ethical issues aside, installing a pirated operating system found somewhere in the darkest, vilest pits of the internet is a sure way of setting yourself up for all manner of OS-embedded rootkits, trojans, keyloggers, and nasty malware payloads which will cause endless headaches.

You should have a legit Windows key somewhere on your machine anyhow, usually on a sticker affixed to the rear of the chassis or perhaps underneath a removable battery or drive compartment.

You might be able to install the Microsoft Technical Preview (Windows 10 beta) and run it for a while. I believe it expires/deactivates in just a few weeks - but it might be enough to get your machine running, and (who knows?) maybe you'll even like it enough to buy/register your copy since you're in the market for an OS anyhow.

Personally, I always purchase a real bona-fide genuine OEM Microsoft Windows CD/DVD, no downloaded "cloud" installs, no licenses, no computer shop, no third-party rebranded junkware builds. It allows me to install and reinstall and migrate my copy of Windows all I want across any machine I want until (and even beyond) end-of-life retirement for the OS version. Having a dependable, clean always-working bootable disc pays for itself in saved time and effort. I highly recommend this approach.

Also worth becoming familiar with a non-Windows OS (ahem, think Tux). For when Microsoft's corporate greed becomes unworkable. Or for when you need a backup/redundant OS. Alas, the sad truth is that if you run games then you run Windows.

04-12-2015, 02:32 AM
I agree, I have bought windows in the past I usually do, however I didnt have too this time my Asus g750 came with Win 8 pre-installed, and the Product key is embedded in the BIOS, I shouldnt have to input a key at all, windows should automaticly detect it and install which is why I am looking for a legit copy to download...

the Media Creation tool is an executable, so it wont run on linux.. That is out of the question, all other ways to download from microsofts site keep asking me to buy the thing... Why should I buy it, when I already own it ? not going t o pay $150 every single time I want to format my pc........

I am learning Linux, however I cant use it as a main system, nor OSX (as much as I desperatly want too) I am a big gamer, have to have windows for gaming unfortunatly .. :(

04-12-2015, 02:58 AM
Win8.x Media Center overwrites the Win8.x Registry product keys. This is a known problem which frustrates many users (after it's too late).

Sorry to report that the only course of action is to record copies of your product keys beforehand. Once you've reached the point (which you have) where the keys are required to proceed it is too late and there is no turning back. Microsoft deliberately engineered things this way as a passive-aggressive measure to controlling WinOS piracy - end-user be damned, as long as Microsoft makes money!

The sad truth is that if you don't have a working registered copy of Windows and you don't have a Windows product key to (re)install a working registered copy of Windows then no, sorry, you actually do not already own it.

If you don't have a Windows key sticker somewhere on/in your machine then you basically have to buy an OS or use a free OS. If you buy Windows, then do yourself a favour and buy the actual physical disc version (pretty hologram and all) so you don't ever again need "to pay every single time you format your PC". Been there, done that, I advise just rolling with the first punch then fighting forevermore on your own terms.

04-12-2015, 03:21 AM
I have a disc, legit disc of win 8... The sticker for that is gone, and ASUS does not ship thier laptops with the Windows COA on it, if I have to buy another copy of Windows, ASUS will either pay me for the copy, or face a law-suit... this is not right...

04-12-2015, 03:31 AM
Microsoft issued me a replacement WinXP disc some years ago because mine was scratched - an hour on the phone, a little postage & handling, and a delay of less than a week and I received a brand-new sealed copy. They only needed the disc itself, no receipt or packaging. Perhaps try contacting them ... perhaps be prepared to scratch your disc up a little ... lol.

04-12-2015, 06:56 AM
You could try to install Windows with a generic key? Generic keys doesn't let you activate Windows, they just let you install it.

I found some generic keys on Microsoft's own website:
http://www.microsoft.com/oem/en/installation/downloads/Pages/Windows-8-ADK.aspx#fbid=7BlprEI6UN3 (under "default product keys").