View Full Version : PB287Q Popping Sound??

04-14-2015, 11:37 PM
Hey everyone. Sorry if ive posted in the wrong place, new to the forum. Lemme give you a little background info. Im running window7 on a 3930k liquid cooled, 16gb ram, couple SSD's and a Titan Z. A few months back I picked up a PB287Q, so I could run 4k. Worked great for about a week, than I started noticing flickering and occasionally it would refuse to wake up from sleep mode. Reading through the internets it appears it was a defective monitor, so I returned it. The next 2 monitors I purchased, both PB287Q's, did not have the "sleep mode" problem I described. But they would intermittently make a popping sound. Sometime when powering up from sleep mode, sometime when powering up from OFF. Sometimes when loading//playing a game. At first I thought It may be a driver issue, since the Titan Z was 1 day old when I picked up the first PB287Q, but after some research the problem seems to affect both AMD and NVIDIA. Since the monitors are about 700$, I figured why chance it, so I returned the last one defective as well. Its been about 6-8 months at this point and I haven't heard anything new about if the problem is resolved or not. Lots of people were saying it was either a faulty DisplayPort cable provided with the monitor, others were saying faulty monitor. Anyway, long story short, GTA 5 is out and I got a 3000$ GPU im not using to its full potential. Any info on the status of the problem would be great. Thanks.