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04-15-2015, 05:46 PM
OK. I accidentally spilled an energy drink on my keyboard, backlight works,laptop works,most buttons work. My warranty is off and I doubt they would even fix that under warranty. I opened the laptop and keyboard but some buttons that doesnt work are just fried,so I want to buy a new one. I am from europe,my keyboard is croatian layout, qwertz and has different enter button cause of our signs like žđšć.
Now Im not sure what keyboard i should order,does iT matter for any layout or? I could live without žđšć buttons,mostly ž,cause enter is different cause of that +1 button. In the winter i use my laptop as a desktop,i have a keyboard and a 27inch monitor,but now Im upgrading to desktop,and i work abroad during the season so Im kinda tired of bringing my keyboard with the laptop all the time.

So please can u tell me If i can buy any g750jx keyboard (german and us layout would be fine also if i cant find croatian layout)and will It work or i have to buy it by serial number or the same layout. Its kinda hard to finde Croatian layout.

And can u please tell me where can i get the keyboard instead of ebay. Thank you :)

Best thing would be if i can order It from official Asus parts but i don9t know where. Im afraid It just wont work cause for the keyboard i have to buy the whole top part wich is not very cheap. So i cant really risk to buy a wrong one.

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Thank you!!!