View Full Version : ASUS - worst warranty service ever?

04-20-2015, 03:16 PM
Howdy folks,

So I had my G750JW out on repair (still under warranty) for over 3 weeks, the issue was overheating, often thermal throttling, high temps etc. And today it came back, everything was nice, repair job quote was in the box, saying that fans have been changed and that my unit has been tested "in all functions" before being returned and that it passed the tests. Anyway, when I turned it on I immediately heard the fans spinning loud, louder than before in fact, okay I thought it can't be that bad right? it just came back after a repair right?? So it boots up, I log onto gmail, facebook etc etc (fans still going loud) so I decided to check my temps with RealTemp and guess what, temps where jumping like mexican jumping beans, from 45c to 80-90c when surfing the web, I mean what the heck is this? It wasn't this bad before I sent it out for a repair and now thermal throttling kicks in when going through facebook or reading stuff on the internet.

I am hugely disappointed with ASUS RMA quality, machine been gone for 3 weeks and came back in worse condition than before. I heard bad things about Asus RMA before but never thought that it could be that pathetic.

Thinking about taking it to a local laptop repair store for repasting, because I don't have any more patience with asus warranty service.

Anyone else who has opinion on this are welcome to share it.

04-21-2015, 03:48 AM
I feel sorry about your experience. I too would flip if I got my laptop back worse than it was before.

I on the other hand had a positive experience with Asus RMA when I sent mine in because my laptop locked up and wouldn't boot up, not even to BIOS. My laptop was sent ,fixed and shipped back in a week exactly. The only thing Asus did wrong was not send me the shipping confirmation when being sent back to me. I freaked out thinking my laptop was "in limbo" and the RMA checker saying the laptop was finished and returned to the customer. I just contacted them and they gave me the tracking number. Laptop came back like I remembered it, fixed of course.

04-21-2015, 07:12 AM
senttel, it's rare but has happened, coming back with a not complete fix. Make sure you send in a nice detailed response to your previous RMA emails thread - Reply via email link to Technical Inquiry system, and tell them what happened - important whether you RMA to Asus again or not, get it on record that upon receipt it is worse condition than you sent it.

Also, don't take it to a local shop, every story we get back about this kind of situation the local shop messes it up worse than the Asus RMA - and we never hear from the owner here again... sad really.

I recommend PM'ing cl-albert and nicely explain the situation - include the case number / rma number so he can look it up, and ask him what you should do. He may ask you to send it to another location, or the same one, but he can birddog it through the 2nd RMA for you.

Please come back and let us know how it goes :)