View Full Version : G75VW mod bios to overclock GTX? anyone have ideas on how to do this?

04-21-2015, 03:42 PM
I saw on one forum that someone had posted hacked bios to overclock the nvidia GTX further, but it was for a different version of the laptop than the one I Have... I think it had slightly different specs (processor or graphics card maybe? it was something that may make a bios swap incompatible with this specific machine and I didnt want to risk it...)

I have the G75VW with GTX 660m, core i7 2.3gHz, now upgraded to 12GB ram (started with 8 I think)...

I was wondering if anyone on here knew the process of modding the bios, or knew a place where the files I need could be found.

I failed to find it myself, and I think techinferno has the other mod bios I believe to be incompatible, or it was a site similarly named...

but if anyone knows whats up -- the basics of the process or pretty much ANYTHING about it, let me know.
I am VERY knowledgable for the most part, I just never swapped with unofficial bios (I know how to do it and everything, just not how
to make the modifications/set up the bios file myself or alter it) -- Im a hacker, programmer, power-user, I know the risks, I know what
I'm getting myself into and don't need my hand held -- I just dont know what Im doing here (would I download the bios file and make a change
with a hex editor or something crazy? I'm assuming theres a specified way of doing this -- does it require a straight up new build of the bios? Would I have to either
re code or get a different version made? Im not sure how these updates give instructions -- if its compiled binary or what.)

obviously it must not be a straight binary file -- or the mod is a simple one, because people are doing it.

I just want to lift the overclocking limiter. the computer is old anyway, and I could give it a huge boost and push it to its limits until
it fails so it can stay competitive. it surely shows age with a lot of processing effects turned on, and would greatly benefit from further OC,
it stays cool and runs very well, and Im sure it can handle it, but the bios get in the way of this...

05-19-2015, 03:22 AM
My 660M is stable at 1100mhz core, 3000mhz mem. Not sure if I need/ can have more. :) But a modded warranty-voiding VBIOS can help increase voltages, but I've never tried it and I imagine it is quite risky. Good luck!