View Full Version : ask about asus rog G750JW, upgrade VGA to nvidia GTX 780m or 880m?

04-22-2015, 07:15 AM
my laptop, G750JW, core i7 4700HQ 2.4ghz, ram 12gb, VGA nvidia GTX 765m. i want up VGA to nvidia GTX 780m or 880m. I want to ask my laptop with which of the two it and I have to buy it and where in the country because I do not have to sell
. sorry my english is bad. thanks for help

04-24-2015, 02:41 AM
Iīm about to try exactly the same, I bought a 780M and a G750JS vga heatsink, someone already flashed a JH bios in JX motherboard, with this we can install the 780M card and the system will recognize it. I bought the JS heatsink because is designed to cool the 870M with a 100W TDP this is about the same as the 780M, but it can be installed on the JX case (the JH VGA heatsink canīt be installed on JX because is different). Definitely the upgrade can be done, we just need to figure if the termal matter will be an issue. If the temps goes to high we will need to change the bottom case, the VGA heatsink, and the VGA Fan, also the HD cover, and possibly the CD/DVD/Blue ray cover, full JH upgrade!!.

As soon as the card and heatsink arrive I will try this upgrade and report back. If all works maybe we can try more upgrades later (980M from a G750JY) this will require to mod the BIOS so the 880M or 980M can be recognized, we canīt install the BIOS from the G750JZ or the JY because the motherboard is designed for optimus which is complete different, we can install the JH BIOS because JW/JX/JH use the same motherboard just with different BIOS.

Ohh I forgot to mention we will need the 230W AC Brick.

Good luck

10-29-2015, 03:40 AM
first of all, sorry for my english.

I'm struggled with upgrading VGA (G750JW + 780M).

I already bought all of parts and assembled it.( vga, heatsink, fan, bottom case, 230W brick. etc.)

but, without modded bios, windows recognized my VGA as 'Microsoft basic display adapter', not 780m .

so, I'm trying to change vga id 765m to 780m by modding bios.

but it's really really hard for me, even flashing bios, (always showing 'ROM file size does not matching~~~')

now, i got 2 problem

1, in bios rom by using mmtool, which volume(or index, or file name, what ever) has vga(vendor+device) ID strings that i should change?(or what tool do i need)

2, any suggestion about flashing bios?

please give some advice and help.


Finally, I got G750JW with 780M!! Without modding bios.

here is solution!

1. Download Nvidia driver from >>here<< (http://laptopvideo2go.com/drivers)

2. Find your Driver with [Vendor ID + Device ID]

ex> Vendor ID = 10DE (NVIDIA), Device ID = 119F (780m)

3. Download Driver.zip & modded nv_dispi.INF File from Dowload page.

4. replace modded nv_dispi.INF to original nv_dispi.INF file. [ex> NVIDIA/DisplayDriver/285.38/WinVista_Win7/International\Display.Driver\]

5. Type 'Shutdown -o -r -t ' on your command prompt windows

6. Select "Advanced startup" -> “Troubleshoot“->“Advanced Options“ ->“Startup Options“ ->“Restart“, When menu appear press '7' on keyboard

7. excute setup.exe [ex> NVIDIA/DisplayDriver/285.38/WinVista_Win7/International\setup.exe]

8. warnig windows will popup while install driver, select install driver.

9. windows will recognized display adapter as 'GTX 780m'

11-04-2015, 12:20 AM

Nice job man, this will surely come handy to people trying to do similar.

11-13-2015, 07:31 PM
I did not know you can upgrade your graphics card in your laptop