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04-23-2015, 12:49 PM
Hi there,

I was quiet happy with the G751-JT until I switched one option in the bios. It didn't boot any more and stopped with ASUS Rog Logo.

As this pretty peace of design is not designed to be opened by the customer, I gave it back to the seller. I had to wait 3 weeks for getting back my notebook with scratches and a downgrade of the maindboard.
The M2 slot is missing now, as I discovered when I just wanted to order a M2 SSD and I took a final look at the interface.. I'm not sure, but maybe it's an older mainboard from former series?!?

After repair all my usb devices are making troubles, which were working fine before.

I'm not able from 5 different devices with different OS (Linux, Windows, Android, MacOS) to submitt a ticket. Even I filled out all necessary fields I get the message: Input required

The german ASUS Support can only say things like: Oh how strange. I'm soooo sorry about that. But they don't have any compentence to help.

So my experience is the worst of all support services I ever had. Letting customer allone with his problems and giving no hint and no help.

For my question I initially had....how can it be to get a downgrade, when system was repaired....it has to be the same quality as the defective part, that's law here in Germany.

I'm going to take this as a very bad experiance and I will never buy something of ASUS aganin.

It's a shame, because the notebook wasn't bad at all.

Or has anybody a good idea for me?


even if I'm totally lost with such problems I found the solution for the ticket problem by myself. This message appears because it want's to tell us, that I should complete my lastname in my profile. In this support form it's not requested. Oh dear!


04-26-2015, 03:48 PM
One more litte update: Asus support is not allowed to give me any information about the repair because of contracts between the reseller and them. The reseller is one of the biggest in Germany and they don't know anything about that. They say I have to ask asus. So I'm back here to tell all, that it is better not to have any trouble and better not let repair their Asus Notebooks, because they can get a downgrade to their hardware and they won't get any information about that. I'm going to keep this little post alive by posting some more details in the next weeks...

have fun


04-27-2015, 06:43 AM
Can't you return it to the seller and get a replacement? Same thing happened to me, sent mine in for repair and when it was returned, it was full of scratches, the monitor wire was showing and the problem wasn't really solved. Fortunately, the seller agreed to send me a replacement as there was no way I was going to send it for repair again.

04-28-2015, 09:28 PM
Hi acr08,

that's exactly what I'm going to do. The last time it has cost me 3 weeks waiting for it. After repair I also got the bigger problems with my usb devices. I don't know if it came from a higher bios or also from this other board type or revision.
I already asked how to proceed. Hope they get a faster solution for me.



06-02-2015, 05:18 PM

I got it back last Friday. So another 3 weeks have passed with no Asus Notebook.

Most scratches have gone. Instead of sending me a new one they changed some parts of the chassis. Old scratches are gone and there's now one new particularly ugly scratch on the monitor case.
Board has been changed. Couldn't find something bad with it. Until now I didn't check out if my M2 Sata is working, because I first wanted to see how it works now.

The M2 slot is grey now instead of white like at the former board. I hope not to have any disadvantages with this colour. I will keep you informed later on.

The 2nd Time I got a new touchpad (seems to be a standard procedure).

So it seems to be all like it should have been after the 1rst repair.



06-05-2015, 10:10 AM

just to explain, why I was so upset, I give you some more info.

With the last maindboard from repair, some of my USB devices were not working any more. Before it was just

a question, to find the correct order and then all devices were working without any disconnects or faults. I

do not really understand why the timeout behavior of the different ports seems to be different (I thing

that's the interstitially problem here, could be caused by insufficient power).

The current board has now the older Firmware (205). Maybe this has also caused the worse behavior. But

now, I can get all devices working.

Left side:

- at the first port from the view side one USB hub with Razer mouse and Game-pad
- at same side ICY Box with 2 WD Sata 2 Discs (has it's own psu)
- right side in every port one WD disc (one older 500GB and one 4TB Mybook)

After 2 hours no single fault. If I mix up the discs to ofter ports, some are not working any more.

I still didn't test the M2 disc jet, but I'm hopefully that the slot has still X4 and pcie 3.0.

So I will come back one more time.

best regards


06-05-2015, 01:51 PM
Asus Germany = Schweinhunds?

06-05-2015, 02:28 PM
Asus Germany = Schweinhunds?

jawohl so sieht das hier aus...im land der sprache wo alles auf kommunikation basiert wird mehr zerredet als getan!
i wrote on facebookpage from rog germany but no one interested for that. i wrote to support germany but no answer... asus must check prioritiy before they write me back...

06-06-2015, 01:24 AM
Sorry about your luck, I'm in the same boat. No support, no acknowledgement of a problem, and no resolutions.
To add insult to injury they damaged my laptop at their facility and it's a been insane trying to get it fixed.

I still have yet to get a response to my first ticket, or the fact that it was ignored!

06-22-2015, 02:56 PM

I tested the M2 Slot in installing a SM951. Doesn't work. I had a bad feeling as I saw the grey slot of the M2. Now I know why:
It's a fake. The Samsung SM951 is now running in my new PC. I'm going to sell the G751 and take it as a horrible experience with ASUS Notebooks.

I just wonder why I was so successful in selling self built pcs (more than 100 of them) with ASUS Mainboards. I've never had trouble with them.

But I never did an RMA with them, that seems to be the big difference.



07-01-2015, 10:51 AM
And it happened again. It's completely dead. The same error as the first time. Asus logo and nothing more. Entering Bios no more possible. Again no technician to talk about that bug. Just an RMA to send it back. Advantage vor Asus: Even if I have the same issue again, I can not get back my money (should be German law), because I just receveid the RMA Ivoice (only because the memeber of my reseller is a nice guy), which sais what was changed, not what was the root cause of this failure.

Hope I get it back sooner as the last times.


07-07-2015, 05:53 PM
hi again,

after I got the acknoledgement of receipt of my G751JT on the 3rd July, I got the information, that they will await the replacementparts within 10 days.

I asked for a complete replacement, because I think they are not able to handle the problems of that notebook. But instead of a contact with someone responsible or better of a technician (or any kind of answer to my quetions), they just send me the info.

I just payed 1700.- to waste my time by backing up all my data, secure erase all, driving by car for about 15 kilometers to bring it to the reseller for RMA, when it's back, I go there again and I get it back. I have to spend again hours to get it working like before. Nice jobs for hobyless idiots (this job), but not for me. I would prefer to work and sometimes play a game with this notebook, like I did with all before (no one was an ASUS).

Is this really a producer who wants to get the leadership on the notebook market? I really really really .... don't think so.

So another 10 days for delivery of the spareparts and then another 10 days?

I will keep you informed!


07-08-2015, 05:09 PM

because I would like to be fair at this moment, I also post the good news:

They've send me the message, that my notebook was send back. I hope the best and that everything will be all right. No downgrade and no scratches. Everything running as it should run.

I have to think positive. Or not? Maybe they've read my letter I've enclosed and resetted the Bios only and it worked?

Or nightmare continuous and they say, that I've bricked it by myself?

I'll keep you informed!


07-10-2015, 07:12 AM
Urgh, that's not the kind of experience you want to have when you get a new laptop. I can only hope that my one stays nice and reliable so I don't have to RMA it - and these things are not cheap, so it's really not acceptable to get one back from being repaired only to find it covered in scratches and not working properly!

Here's hoping your new/replacement one keeps working fine. Out of curiosity, what was it that you were changing in the BIOS that made it freeze up in the first place?

07-10-2015, 01:27 PM
I don't want to be guilty for all which are not satisfied with gsync for eg. bricking their notebooks like that. But ASUS support is not interested in a solution for the faulty uefi. They simply don't communicate with me.

So I think it's a certain configuration (for e.g. I have dual boot win8.1 Ubuntu) and certain devices plugged in in certain USB ports and then just playing around with the settings of "secure boot" and "fast boot".

I did it already twice, so for me it seems to be clear, that it's a Bios bug. More description is already here in this thread.

little update:

- still waiting since wednesday, that the German DHL parcel service picks up the Notebook.


07-16-2015, 11:57 AM
Ok. It's running now. No errors visible at the moment. Again a new mainboard with I7 4720 HQ. No new scratches this time!

I forgot: they left an system test on the desktop and changed the Sata Drive, because of errors. I think they changed the wrong, because the SSD was already delivered whith 1 unrecoverable error and some media errors. Because of always erasing and reinstalling it has already 18TB written or so on the counter.

So lets wait for the next brick or better selling it?


10-26-2015, 09:54 AM
After the horror szenario happened the 3rd time and the G751JT has been bricked the 3rd time the same way, I brought it back to the reseller (to the grave). Here in my country you get your money back, if the same error happens 3 times. I just wonder how much money do they take, for using (or better not using) this pretty but not reliable notebook for 11 months.

I've already been searching for a replacement, but all which are interesting are not available jet. So I decided to use my 4 years old acer for work (it has never failed) and for gaming it will be a PC, never a laptop again.

I'm too sick of having problems and having missed some useful features (like gsync), because I just bought it some months too early.

Support was 100% nothing. Zero. Minus. I cannot say it was bad, because I dind't get some.

I never got the opportunity to speak with a technician nor I got an answer to technical questions.

So as the G751 is now on it's way to its grave and I'm really sad, because I really loved it (the time it worked).

It's a shame, that the developers seems not to work together with their support (?), so they don't have fast solutions.

Good Bye all! :(


10-26-2015, 11:00 AM
One heck of a story.

I can't say anything regarding to your misfortune besides you really have a bad luck.

So far everything is fine with my Asus and hopefully still stays.

The part on the incompetence of the staff at fixing centre I agree. They're worse than a bunch of monkeys. I don't know how the even got the job to begin with. I asked a lot of questions to Asus directly via support from USA ones to the European ones and not one could give me a reply! To my luck I myself am smart enough so I could figure out the answers myself. It is sad that a company such as asus cannot have more proper support. But I guess you cannot have everything in life. The laptops are great build, cheap but unfortunately the support is the worst.

If you didn't give up on gaming laptops completely I advise you to go for Alienware, MSI or Clevo. They have better support than asus and better build quality (You don't have to put your whole laptop apart just to change the paste for example) but they are more expensive and even that is only in some countries.

10-26-2015, 12:48 PM
I understand what you mean, but usually no one of the working people here is bad or unable. It's more the hole system. ASUS pays for repair in repair centers, which are not really ASUS specialists. They certainly earn more by changing the mainboard immediately instead of doing analysis and finding the root cause of the issue.

Cheaper is not cheap: If you take the costs and the time, for loosing my work and managing all with the laptop and going to the reseller so many times, I could buy 2 MSIs or others.

I really would have preferred to get a working laptop.